Max the Doggo Introduction

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Max the Doggo Close Up
Max the Doggo

Max is my best Budro. He and I have been a team since November 2013. He was an 11 month old eighty five pound puppy when I first met him.

When I was a child I had many dogs. Many were named Max. Just because, Why not. The first Max was a Collie runt puppy I fed with a eye dropper for weeks. Maybe that is the reason for the attachment to the name Max.

I had over five Huskies, a Doberman named Buford, Blue for short. an awesome dog named Jenny that dies too young but had a great night prior eating hot dogs and Marshmallows from the grill. I am certain I am forgetting a few.

I went looking for a dog and gave up after 12 months. I wanted to rescue an awesome German Shepard (GSD). About six months after not looking I was bored and go on the internet and BOOM. There was a GSD. Not only a GSD, one named Max already. It was Sunday night. I set an alarm and called right at 8am. The dog was promised to a man. He was to bring his family on that Friday to meet the dog and get him.

The dog did not like the family. He came from one and maybe had a bad vibe? I got a call late Friday night and I drove 3 hours one way Saturday morning to get Max. Max the doggo!

Max now weighs in at 120 – 130 pounds. He is the best “boi”, says @Kenbaru 

Max the Doggo
Max the Doggo
Max the Doggo
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